How much does it cost to insure a Nissan GTR for a male under 25?

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How much does it cost for insurance Nissan GTR 19 year old

Every young car enthusiast would love to own a Nissan GTR and who could blame them. With such insane performance, a legacy that’s as old as our grandparents, and some used prices now approaching almost $40k it’s very realistic for many to make this dream a reality. Unfortunately the thought of a 20 year old testosterone filled gear head behind the wheel of a 550 horsepower super car makes insurance companies cringe. So if you are a male under 25 that’s been saving up your hard earned money to buy your first dream car, prepare for a minor inconvenience.

I’ll make the pain quick and easy like ripping off a bandaid covered in barb wire. It’s going to be tough to find even the most basic coverage for a Nissan GTR under $3k per year. When I was looking to buy my GTR at 18 I was shocked to hear the ridiculous figures most companies were quoting me. For reference I have a clean driving record with no tickets or accidents, live away from home at college and at home with my parents during the summer, own a business, have good credit, and no debt. Progressive gave me a quote of roughly $3,354 per year for basic and $11,520 (yes almost $1,000 per month) for their “choice” coverage. Geico quoted $12,252 per year (even with a student discount) at the lowest. Most major companies ended up being similar in price and were not very willing to negotiate.

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Solution: if you have the ability to stay on your parents’s coverage and sign on as a secondary driver then you definitely should. If not, then getting your dream car will end up being significantly more expensive than you had originally hoped. Be prepared to do a lot of shopping around and hearing astronomical quotes from almost every company even if you have a perfect record and great credit. As the saying goes “you gotta pay to play”

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